In here, everything is beautiful... (rise_your_dead) wrote in het_reccers,
In here, everything is beautiful...

Challenge #65: Farewell; Evil Dead Trilogy by ashurbadaktu

Fandom Category: Evil Dead Trilogy/Army of Darkness
Pairing: Ash Williams/Sheila
Fic Title: Farewell
Author: ashurbadaktu
Rating/Warning(s): G; None to speak of
Genre: Romance/Drama/Character Study
WIP?: Nope

Why This Must Be Read: I didn't know if it's okay to rec fics that don't have a fandom tag yet, but this is one of my favorite. Ash/Sheila is a rather rare pairing as a whole, and this is a bittersweet piece that's nearly. It's surprisingly heartwrenching without making Ash OOC in the least; and, for someone who 'ships them as hard as I do, it's a bittersweet exploration of how love never dies, it just changes into something new and different and graceful. Romantic in the best of sense of the word.
Tags: fandom: evil dead, ship: sheila/ash williams

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