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For Challenge #65: Castle- "Adagio" by JillianCasey

Fandom Category: Castle
Pairing: Kate Beckett/Michael Royce
Fic Title: Adagio
Author: JillianCasey
Link: Here, at
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance/Angst
WIP?: One-shot

Why This Must Be Read: JillianCasey is one of my favorite authors in the Castle fandom, and this particular story might be my favorite of all time. I am a total Caskett shipper all the way, but ever since "Under the Gun" I had the sneaking suspicion that Beckett and Royce were more than rookie cop/training officer to each other, and this fic gives their relationship and romance a voice. Besides that, "younger Beckett" is really true to character. It's part romance, part origin story, and I think there's a lot to enjoy in this fic, even for the die-hard Caskett shippers. :) Happy reading!
Tags: fandom: castle, ship: kate beckett/michael royce

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