VioletRoseSky (violetrosesky) wrote in het_reccers,

Donna's Happy Ending by Fates My Bitch

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Donna/Lee
Fic Title: Donna's Happy Ending
Author: Fates My Bitch
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Genre: Romance/General
WIP?: No
Why This Must Be Read:
Having watched the Doctor Who episodes Forest of the Dead/Silence in the Library, I was struck by how much I wanted Lee and Donna to have a happy ending together. I went looking for a fanfiction that satisfied my wish and was shocked not to find a single one. I had almost given up when I came across this little gem. It is truly a fantastic fic, and the characterization of Donna, Lee and the Doctor are spot on!

Since the current challenge is for recs of un-tagged pairings, here is a new one -

Ship: Donna Noble/Lee McAvoy
Tags: fandom: doctor who, ship: donna noble/lee mcavoy
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