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Challenge #65: 3 multi-chapter Witch Hunter Robin recs (Amon/Robin)

Fandom Category: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Amon/Robin
Fic Title: The Disappearing Life
Author: tripping_fruit
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Drama, post-series fic
WIP?: yes (22 chapters)

Why This Must Be Read:
Robin, Amon, and the trials and tribulations of trying to live invisibly. Post-series.

The author has a gift for description and realistic dialogue in this fic. Amon's and Robin's characters come brilliantly to life, and one of the best additions to the cast in this fic has been the inclusion of Amon's brother Nagira into the fray - the resulting interaction between the three of them is incredibly entertaining to watch.

Unfortunately this fic is currently unfinished, and it looks like abandoned as well (last update was 2005). Despite that, it is still quite a worthwhile read. (Who knows, a few more reviews/added pressure on the author might make her reconsider leaving it unfinished!)

The sun was rising, but the room was cold. They were in Amsterdam; tomorrow, London, or perhaps one of the surrounding burgs should London prove to be too hectic or threat-presenting. It'd been that way for almost four months—she'd long since lost count of the months, the days, the hours of virtual imprisonment, whereas he knew the length of their flight down to the day. Her heart pounded like a base drum just thinking about it.

So, she resolved not to think about it anymore. It was more fun to pretend as if it was all just one big, secretive vacation, anyway.

He did not sleep at night; a trend that had started shortly after they'd ended their brief, secretive stay in the city of Paris. He never explained why he suddenly decided that he would stay up all night. She assumed it was for security reasons, assumed that it made him feel useful. She also suspected that it was because he was beginning to have difficulty sleeping; he seemed to do more thinking while laying in bed than sleeping. She slept at night while he slept for four to five hours right at sunup, during which time she would stay awake to stand guard. He had not asked her to do so, but she'd felt it only right, considering he watched over her all night during her eight to nine hours of restful sleep. He took much less than she but it seemed to be all he needed; she never saw circles under his eyes nor noticed him yawning, and never heard him complain. But then again, Amon had never complained about much. Sleep, Robin figured, was the least of his worries.

Fandom Category: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Amon/Robin
Fic Title: The Burning Time
Author: misora
Rating/Warning(s): M (completely unedited version located at
Genre: Romance/Supernatural, post-series
WIP?: No (21 chapters completed - but warning, this fic is long!)

Why This Must Be Read:
Complete. AxR Post episode 26. Amidst this Burning Time, I see flashes of memory...a dream. This location calls to me, beckoning...bringing me back to the place I have called home.

Some fans have said that this is "the" definitive WHR fanfic. It was started very early on in the fandom's history (early 2004), just before WHR's airing on Cartoon Network, and because of that it gained a huge fan following early on off the bat - despite the fact that it took 3 years to complete. While some of the writing in the beginning is a bit clunky and awkward, the author really finds her voice somewhere in the middle of the story (chapters 8-10 or so) and coincidentally the plot really takes off. The prose near the end, at the penultimate chapter, is breathtaking. The story's other strengths are the wonderful immersion into rural Italian life and culture, complete with language, as well as the developing and ever-evolving relationship between Robin and her "warden". Highly recommended.

Additionally, there is a sequel fic ongoing, but this author's progress is notoriously slow. I'm hopeful it'll be updated soon.

"Scusi. We will be landing shortly at Firenze International Airport. Please make sure all of your items are secure for landing; and please be careful upon opening of the storage bins once we have docked at the gate, for items may have shifted during flight. Benvenuti in Italia."

She blinked her eyes slowly, adjusting to the fading sunlight coming in through the plane windows. She gazed out at the land they were slowly descending to. Amon made a sidelong glance at her as she observed the landscape of Tuscany, her face registering peaceful calm, and a smile that rarely appeared had graced her lips. The sight took him by surprise, and he looked at her curiously.

"Italia," she whispered, her eyes shining in the afternoon sun. She turned to look at her partner in the seat next to her, and was a bit startled to see that he was watching her so intently. "Oh...Amon," she stammered.

He looked down at the text message still in his cell phone. Father Juliano Colegui had messaged them a day ago, defying his SOLOMON ties, and had given them the name and address of a contact to stay with in Tuscany, specifically in the village of Sovana. Amon had tried to call him to confirm, but Juliano's cellular number had been disconnected shortly after the arrival of the message. Despite his misgivings about trusting anyone other than himself and his partner, Amon knew they needed a location to hide out in for the time being while they formulated plans and made other contacts. Robin seemed particularly confident that her grandfather was to be trusted, and so Amon for the moment put his fragile faith in her care.

Robin followed his eyes to the text message still displayed on his phone. "Whom do you think he is sending us to, Amon?" she asked softly.

"I don't know," he said, his dark eyes wary. "It's not likely someone from the Church," he postulated, "so hopefully we can maintain a low profile, despite being close to SOLOMON Headquarters." She could see he felt uneasy about their situation, especially about leaving Japan.

"They will be combing Japan," she reasoned, and he nodded. Her instincts were correct on this one. Even though Zaizen was dead and Factory had all but been destroyed, SOLOMON would want to completely clean house in Japan, and tie up any loose ends. He and Robin were definitely loose ends.

"In fact," she said thoughtfully, adopting a thinker's pose, "a small Italian village in the region of their Headquarters might be the last place they would look." Her green eyes took on a slightly impish gleam.

Amon responded to his fifteen-year-old partner with a snort that suggested he doubted her words.

Fandom Category: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Amon/Robin
Fic Title: Libera Me
Author: yellowdancer
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance, Crossover, post-series
WIP?: yes (29 chapters)

Why This Must Be Read:
Crossover fic with Devil May Cry. The author expertly intermixes these two canons with serious drama and humorous interplay. Very entertaining AU, and even has a sequel fic as well (incomplete): Confutatis.

"Hey, green-eyed lady," a man not far from her slurred, "how about you and I take a trip upstairs?" He slid his hand around her waist and Robin almost gagged at the alcohol on his breath as he leaned toward her.

"Why bother with the stairs?" an unfamiliar, very masculine voice commented. "You can trip just as easily down here." The sound of a punch landing in the man's kidney warned Robin to step out of the way just in time before he stumbled off to the nearest window and emptied the contents of his stomach in the grass below.

She looked back to see a tall man with strikingly silver hair and pale blue eyes smirking down at her. He wore black leather and a crimson jacket, and she thought she caught the glint of a gun-perhaps two-inside his coat. Looking at him warily, she decided he seemed at least as out of place at this party as she did, though he did have a beer in his hand. "Sorry about that, babe," he commented, gesturing to the man at the window. "He seemed like bad news."

"Thank you," she replied quietly, wondering if he could hear her over the stereo blasting in the other room.

He nodded. "No problem." He seemed about to walk away when he paused and studied her more closely, the intensity of his gaze reminding her strangely of Amon's when he was at his most enigmatic. Then, his eyebrow quirking at something he apparently discovered, he glanced around cautiously before stepping a little closer to her. Though she should have been nervous, for he was clearly dangerous, she did not back away. "You wouldn't happen to know if there's a witch here tonight, would you?" His voice had dropped in volume and seemed almost intimate in its roughness.

Robin's eyes widened as she repeated, "A witch?"

"Yeah. I've been chasing one for a while now. She has a penchant for manipulating people and starting fires. Sold her soul to the devil in return for her powers, and now she's trying to open a gate to the underworld." He paused, shaking his head. "Just like every other wacko out there . . . I mean it's not as if it's the vacation spot of the season, but they all want to open the door just the same."

Robin's jaw fell slack as she contemplated this strange man and his even stranger comments. Her mind told her to be careful of a trap, but her gut told her she could trust this man she barely knew. "Why do you think I could help you?"

He touched the pendent hanging around her neck lightly. "I recognized that. I know Father Juliano. He hired me once to help hunt down a demon."

Tags: fandom: witch hunter robin, ship: robin sena/amon

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