reeceer (reeceer) wrote in het_reccers,

Salt On Your Lips, by mekosuchinae (R-ish?)

Fandom Category: Thor
Pairing: Jane Foster/Thor
Fic Title: Salt On Your Lips
Author: mekosuchinae
Rating/Warning(s): r-ish? there's sex
Genre: post=movie, smut, slight humor
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Okay, so I have been craving Jane/Thor fic ever since watching the movie, and fairly JUMPED at this fic when it popped up on my flist. I figured there would be plenty of people here that would like to read this too. Jane/Thor fic, that has the same sense of humor that we saw onscreen, and some added hot smoking scenes too. Yeah, there needs to be more Jane/Thor fic, but especially if it's as awesome as this.
Tags: fandom: thor, ship: jane foster/thor

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