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The Bridal Path, by Vyola

Fandom Category: Addams Family (movie)
Pairing: Wednesday Addams/Joel Glicker
Fic Title: The Bridal Path
Author: Vyola
Rating/Warning(s): pg
Genre: humor
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: To marry an Addams means taking marriage very seriously. After all, it is till death do you part. And even then, sometimes they come back. Great look at Wednesday and Joel, post-movie, as they grew up and fall in love in typical Addams family fashion.

When he graduated from high school, the Glickers took Joel to Disneyland. After he promised that they could take a side trip to Death Valley to feed the vultures, Wednesday accepted Joel's invitation to accompany them.

Three different princess performers quit and an entire tour group of Brownies burst into tears after listening to Wednesday explain the real relationship between Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Stella looked faintly ill. Mel seemed fascinated despite himself.

Joel made sure to drop a pair of mouse ears on Wednesday's head and snap a picture before she whipped them off and force-fed them to a Dwarf.
Tags: fandom: addams family, ship: wednesday addams/joel glicker
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