N.E. Star (n_e_star) wrote in het_reccers,
N.E. Star

3 Parks & Rec - Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt fics

In the recs wanted post drphungus asked for Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt recs.

I don't watch this show but one of my favorite authors has written some fics for it.

The Wallflowers, pg
Post "Soulmates"
"It hurts her face, the way her cheeks stretch to accommodate the smile that he causes to blossom on her lips. The best kind of pain, she thinks..."

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Ben, pg
Spoilers: let's just say this takes place sometime after soulmates?
"He’s sly, he’s slick; he only manages to walk into a wall once trying to be both sly and slick while walking and talking with her. Overall, he’d call that a success."

On the Off Chance, pg-13 (because I say breasts a lot? And someone might be offended?)
post "Jerry's Painting"
"...he can’t stop thinking about breasts. Leslie’s breasts."
Tags: fandom: parks and recreation, ship: leslie knope/ben wyatt

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