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Illyria by TARDIS_stowaway (All Ages)

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rose/Alt!Nine
Fic Title: Illyria
Author: TARDIS_stowaway
Rating/Warning(s): All Ages
Genre: Action, Adventure, a little bit of Romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Illyria is a series of four stories that take place in Rose's AU universe, where she meets an alternate version of the Ninth Doctor three years after Doomsday. Everybody here is perfectly in character, with Rose being a little older and wiser but still very much herself, and an alternate Ninth Doctor who has been on his own for a long time, and is even more distrustful of companions and still suffering from the Time War. The stories here read like actual episodes (especially the second story in the series, "Danger Shall Seem Sport", which is just about perfect) with lots of fun and adventure, carefully thought out alien worlds, little character moments, and a light touch of romance. It reminded me of everything I love about Nine and Rose's relationship, and really captures their interactions from the first season with added layers and a deft touch that never gets too heavy.

All the stories in this series are complete, although the series leaves room for further adventures in the universe she created, which I can only hope the author writes one day. Highly, highly recommended for all fans of the Ninth Doctor.
Tags: fandom: doctor who, ship: rose tyler/the doctor

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