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Love, Love To Ease My Mind by dress without sleeves

Fandom Category: Push
Pairing: Cassie Holmes/Nick Gant
Fic Title: Love, Love To Ease My Mind
Author: dress without sleeves
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 8 of 21

Why This Must Be Read: If you watched Push, chances are you shipped Cassie and Nick together. Admit it. This keeps the sarcastic neon tone of the movie and shows what happens next: Cassie and Nick's vagabond life style, the trouble they get into, the screwy nature of Cassie's power in particular. Plus this fic is both funny AND hot.


At some point, she realizes that the neighbors think they're living together, as in living together. She feels them looking at her in the laundry room, or by the vending machine, or when she and Nick stumble in late a night after they've spent six hours trying to hunt down one Shadower or another.

It makes her uncomfortable that people think she and Nick are . . . like that. But she doesn't correct them. It's easier this way, to let people assume what they want to assume, rather than to build a lie.

Predictably, Nick, with his girlish sensibilities, freaks out when he realizes that their neighbor thinks he's some huge minor-loving creep. What happens is that Cassie is folding their laundry as they walk up the stairs and Nick is carrying the basket (shared loads are shirts and pants only: no underwear, which is washed in the sink because combining that would just be too weird) and a condom falls out of Nick's pant pocket.

They both sort of stare at it, frozen, and it's times like these that Cassie wishes with sickening strength that she was with her mother, with her father, with anybody other than a twenty-four-year-old male non-relative.

The man who lives next door is walking up the stairs behind them; he picks up the condom and hands it to Nick. "Always good to be safe," he says with an approving nod, and smiles at Cassie. "Too young for a family, for sure."

He goes into his apartment. Cassie cringes and doesn't meet Nick's eyes, because this is easily the most uncomfortable moment they've ever had together.
Tags: fandom: push, ship: cassie holmes/nick gant, special reccer: redbrunja

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