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may i feel, said he - by sugargroupie: One Tree Hill - Haley James Scott/Nathan Scott (R)

Fandom Category: One Tree Hill
Pairing: Haley James Scott/Nathan Scott
Fic Title: may i feel, said he
Author: sugargroupie
Link: Here on AO3
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit sex
Genre: Angst/Porn (the best genre)
WIP?: No. 2,528 words.

Why This Must Be Read:

Back when I watched One Tree Hill, Nathan's journey from arrogant thug to devoted husband was one of my favourite things to watch. This fic shows his desperation, his hormones, and the differences between him and Haley when it comes to all things carnal. It's wonderfully written, it's full of sexual tension and a bit of angst and a lot of frustration.
Even under all the thoughts (and acts) of sex, Nathan is still Nathan, and his love for Haley is clear, even when it hurts him to admit how much she really means to him.

Tags: fandom: one tree hill, ship: haley james scott/nathan scott
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