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Let's Play A Spy Game by hariboo_smirks (Chuck/White Collar)

Fandom Category: Chuck / White Collar
Pairing: Carina/Bryce Larkin/ Neal Caffrey, Sarah/Chuck
Fic Title: Let's Play A Spy Game
Author: hariboo
Link: http://hariboo-smirks.livejournal.com/253482.html
Rating/Warning(s): Spoilers up to end of the most recent season of White Collar, all aired eps of Chuck
Genre: Action/adventure, undercover, crossover
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:
Oh, the world-blending is just a sight to behold in this. Honestly, with Carina as the bridge between WC-NY and Chuck-Burbank, and with both universes and every character involved just so wonderfully present (Morgan! June!), I can't rec this highly enough.


He's standing next to an older man that screams Suit as do the other two hovering nearby in plain clothes. It's almost insulting how they think they're blending in, but it's all in the stance, in the line of the shoulders and the slight bumps that interrupt the clean lines of their clothes. He's clearly undercover too, though she can tell it's a much deeper cover than the other two are playing at. He's become someone else: it's in the clothes, the hat, the way he stands. So natural, so easy, if it wasn't all so perfect and practiced she's believed it. It's too natural to be natural. He's good. She can appreciate it his skill.

It's against every instinct the agency drilled into her to go up to him and just play a little, but she always follows her own instincts more. If he hasn't gotten rusty he'll see her coming when she crosses the street. And if he's smart he'll ignore her completely.
Tags: fandom: chuck, fandom: white collar, ship: carina miller/bryce larkin, ship: crossover, ship: sarah walker/chuck bartowski

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