skysamuelle (skysamuelle) wrote in het_reccers,

Ghosts by Carla, G

Fandom Category: Dirty Sexy Money
Pairing: Karen Darling/Nick George
Fic Title: Ghosts
Author: Carla
Rating/Warning(s): g
Genre: Romance, aganst
WIP?: n
Why This Must Be Read: if you loved the show for all his moral ambiguity, twisted family dinamics and suspence, then the series finale left you missing a certain sense of closure. This is the fic that will fix that for you. It takes place 4 years after last episode of the series and it has Nick finally confronting the responsible party for whole the Simon Elder mess, looking back on his past to embrace his future. You get to resolve the big mistery and know how the family coped with the aftermath of all.
And you enjoyed the reading, Tripp' s epilogue to the series is just as good: . It's from the same author and it has Trip owning up to who he is and what he is leaving behind after everything is said and done. Beautiful.
Tags: fandom: dirty sexy money, ship: karen darling/nick george

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