peanutbutterer (peanutbutterer) wrote in het_reccers,

The Blood in Your Skin by anythingbutgrey (PG)

Fandom Category: Fringe
Pairing: (Alt)Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee
Fic Title: The Blood in Your Skin (Or: Ten things that may or may not have happened to Lincoln and Olivia)
Author: anythingbutgrey
Rating/Warning(s): Spoilers 3.18, character death
Genre: Angst, romance
WIP?: complete

Why This Must Be Read: I know I just recc'd an AltLivia/Lincoln story, but after the last episode they're coming out all over and there is more awesome to be shared so I'm sharing it! This fic is wonderful. It covers the duration of their relationship and runs the gamut of emotions. Awesome characterization, fun banter, an enjoyable ride and a heartbreaking conclusion - just what I expect from the show. Definitely worth a read (or two)!
Tags: fandom: fringe, ship: olivia dunham/lincoln lee

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