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Xanadu, by Alara

Fandom Category: X-Men Evolution
Pairing: Rogue/Gambit
Fic Title: Xanadu
Author: Alara
Rating/Warning(s): T for some angst, some humour, action-adventure, lots of romance.
Genre: Romance/Drama
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This is one of my all time favourite fics of all time! The writing is fantastic, and the characters are so incredibly perfectly characterized. It's got angst and romance, but it's complicated, just like the characters. It could absolutely have been produced by Marvel as a television series or cartoon!

In this A/U, Rogue is 18 when the story begins and Remy is 21. In this 'verse,  Rogue had to deal with the first use of her powers alone. When she is chased by Mystique, picked up by the X-men in the graveyard, and convinced to come to Xaviers', it is the second time she has used her powers. At the beginning of the story, Remy and Rogue have never met before, but this IS after Self-Posessed (where Rogue's absorbed powers go wild). Rogue's only been back in the field for a short while at the beginning of the story. The main action of the story begins when Rogue is captured by Trask. She is experimented on extensively. Remy is another prisoner and together they escape. The X-Men think Rogue is dead, and she thinks they abandoned her. Together, Remy and Rogue must learn to trust each other and deal with everything they have been through.
Tags: fandom: x-men, ship: rogue/gambit
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