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Love Remains the Same, by nomelon. (R) / Moonlight

Fandom Category: Moonlight
Pairing: Beth Turner/Mick St. John
Fic Title: Love Remains the Same
Author: nomelon
Link: Here on livejournal, here on AO3.
Rating/Warning(s): R for dark themes and smut. Also contains spoilers for the first (only) season.
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance, I guess?
WIP?: No. 5,934 words.

Why This Must Be Read:

I'm incredibly new to the Moonlight fandom, having only discovered it recently, and this is the first fic that has made me sit back and breathe a big, "Wow."

The story is told in second person, which is rare - and it's done incredibly well, which is rarer still. Mick's frustration, loneliness and fear is incredibly touching and poignant. The prose is just beautiful, without being too purple.

It's just beautifully, beautifully done. It captures the characters amazingly well and weaves in a back-story that is totally believable and touching.
Tags: fandom: moonlight, ship: beth turner/mick st. john
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