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upon the hour of her desire, by Bonbaru (R)

Fandom Category: Moonlight
Pairing: Beth Turner/Mick St. John
Fic Title: upon the hour of her desire
Author: bonibaru
Rating/Warning(s): R, for sex.
Genre: Aliens Werewolves made us do it
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: I think one of the other reviewers on this said it best: I've read several variations on the standard "aliens made me do it" trope in a variety of fandoms -- well done, it's a trope I love, and I have to say that "werewolves turned me into a sex slave and made us do it" has got to be right up there with my favorite variations. *g* And it made perfect sense to me for Josef to go for Beth to help. Nicely done!

"Can we get back to the point?" Beth interrupted, exasperated. "Why have werewolves taken Mick?"

"The rivalry between werewolves and vampires is centuries old," Josef said, leaning back in his chair, twirling a pen between his fingers. "We're solitary by nature, you see, but the wolf-men run in packs. In the old days, raiding parties of wolves would hunt down vampires and kill them - too much competition for territory, hunting space, or just plain bragging rights; it forced us to band together occasionally for protection, a very unnatural state for our kind. In fact, that's how I first met -" he trailed off, a distant expression on his face, but the unspoken word had already formed itself in Beth's mind: Coraline.

"So why didn't they just kill Mick?"

"In some cities - New York, for example, and L.A. of course - there are certain, ah, clientele, wealthy clientele, with unusual tastes. These days, werewolves use their vampire hunting skills to collect merchandise for auction. Very exclusive." He paused, head tilted, judging her reaction. "Very kinky."

"But I thought - Mick said - I mean, isn't sex between humans and vampires - I heard it never ends well." Her face felt hot, and she silently berated herself at the gleam of amusement in Josef's eyes.

"Vampires, when properly controlled, make excellent sex slaves. And our Mick, as you well know, is a dashingly handsome fellow in the prime of his artificially-preserved youth - sure to fetch top dollar on today's market."

Beth's head swam. Properly controlled? Market? She bit her lip thoughtfully. If there was money involved, of course Josef would know about it. "Still not seeing where I come in," she said, hands on her hips now, watching Josef closely.

He fixed her with an intense, almost predatory stare. She swallowed, suddenly nervous, but didn't look away.

"You, my dear," Josef said evenly, "are about to come into a substantial inheritance - and I know just where you can spend it."
Tags: fandom: moonlight, ship: beth turner/mick st. john

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