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More Than Human by essbeejay, R

Fandom Category: Powerpuff Girls
Pairing: Rowdyruff Boys/Powerpuff Girls, aka Blossom/Brick, Buttercup/Butch, and Bubbles/Boomer
Fic Title: More Than Human
Author: essbeejay
Link: http://essbeejay.livejournal.com/26615.html
Rating/Warning(s): R, mostly because they're in high school and some of them swear. A lot.
Genre: Romance, high school fic
WIP?: Yes. Really, really yes.

Why This Must Be Read: I have never read Powerpuff Girls fic. I've never looked at the fandom. Hell, I hardly even watched the show. Then I saw these pics, and I got curious. I do not regret it in the least. Admittedly, for all it's only 6 or so chapters at the moment, each one is humongous and broken down into a few different parts, so it'll take quite the chunk out of your day, but it is so worth it. (I also recommend just going to her "More Than Human" tag and finding the chapters that way. Otherwise you'll end up missing huge chunks like I did for the first few chapters.)

The great thing about this fic though is how much depth the characters are given. I honestly enjoy reading every single one of them, which is good since it switches perspective between all six (though it mostly focuses on the girls). Each of the relationships is distinct and enjoyable as well, from the I-hate-you-I-can't-be-attracted-to-you! relationship of the Reds, to the let's-see-who-can-be-more-badass friendship of the Greens, to the guy-does-everything-he-can-to-declare-his-feelings-even-though-she's-kinda-already-taken relationship of the Blues. It's all just fantastic, and so well written and paced that it doesn't even feel like it drags at all. It has all the best things about high school fics (you thought there weren't any? guess again), only with superpowers! I really cannot recommend this enough, especially if you have any fond memories of the show.

Not sure how to tag this, but yaaaay my first rec!

EDIT: Thank you super-speedy mods for fixing my tags. :)
Tags: fandom: powerpuff girls, ship: blossom/brick, ship: bubbles/boomer, ship: buttercup/butch

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