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Two The OC recs: Taylor Towsend/Ryan Atwood, Summer Roberts/Seth Cohen

                                            Fandom Category: The OC
Pairing: ALL Canon season 3 ships, but it focuses on Taylor Towsend/Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen/Summer Roberts, Julie Cooper/Frank Atwood
Fic Title: The Road Back To You
Rating/Warning(s): PG
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Are you getting nostalgic about this show? Do you wonder about those events that took everyone to the place they were during Summer and Seth’ wedding? Well, then this is the fic for you. Well-written, IC and subtly humorous, it accompanies whole the crazy group from Seth’s decision to propose to the pre-ceremony galore, bringing everyone together again and filling every gap left untattended by the show. Really, there’s no reason this should not be considered canon.

Fandom Category: The OC
Pairing: Taylor Towsend/ Ryan Atwood
Fic Title: Control
Author: XWaltzforVenusX
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, Sexual situations
Genre: romance, aganst, AU

Why This Must Be Read: this is what happens when Ryan and Taylor meet at beginning of the series, rather than the end. Chino broody, hardened boy clashes with stuck-up ice princess while having one torrid sex affair. Above everything else, Ryan can’t stomach how emotionally unreachable Taylor is during sex. Of course, this situation sparks fireworks and proves that RT mix amazingly well in ALL their possible incarnations. To this date, it’s one of my favorite OC fics.

Tags: fandom: the o.c., ship: julie cooper/frank atwood, ship: summer roberts/seth cohen, ship: taylor townsend/ryan atwood

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