Maerhys (maerhys) wrote in het_reccers,

Strange Angels by Elanurel (R)

Fandom Category: Supernatural
Pairing: OFC/Dean Winchester, OFC/Sam Winchester, Jess Moore/Sam Winchester
Fic Title: Strange Angels
Author: elanurel
Link: Prologue [internal links to each chapter]
Rating/Warning(s): R, season two alternative universe
Genre: romance, fantasy/supernatural, epic (over 100,000 words long!)
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Centuries have passed since the sealing of the Grigori, and the children of the Nephilim walk the earth. Sam and Dean stumble across the Circle of Enoch, finding themselves in the midst of a prophecy that Sam is destined to fulfill.

A twisting tale of adventure and sacrifice that will keep you glued to your seat. This fic has everything from angst, romance, action and the Winchester bond that keeps us coming back for more.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, ship: jessica moore/sam winchester, ship: original character
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