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"Electric Sheep" by Ceares (G)

Fandom Category: TV Commercials
Pairing: Flo/OMC
Fic Title: Electric Sheep
Author: Ceares
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2009/works/31795
Rating/Warning(s): G
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Um, because some wrote fic about Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials?  It's sweet and sincere for all its crackiness, and the author sets up a sensible, bright little universe that should make you smile.  (There are actually a few other Flo fics on AO3 that are entirely readable, but this one is definitely my favorite.)

Special Rec: 22/35

Not sure how to tag this one, sorry.

EDIT: Yay! Thanks, mods!
Tags: fandom: tv commercials, ship: original character, special reccer: stars_inthe_sky

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