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On The Edge Of A Golden World by ReganX, pg13

Fandom Category: Tudors
Pairing: Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII
Fic Title: On The Edge Of A Golden World
Author: Regan X
Rating/Warning(s): pg13
Genre: romance/aganst, AU
Why This Must Be Read: Once, on the brink of her downfall as a queen, Anne Boleyn wishpered that if only she had not lost her son, they would have been on the edge of a golden world.
This story explores beautifully how history changes when young prince Henry survives, and Anne gets the chance to gain her people's respect as a queen. King Henry, on his part, eventually tires of Jane Seymour and longs for the days he and Anne were young and blissfully happy. What makes this fic my absolute favorite withing the Tudors fandom is how honest ReganX is depicting both those flawed characters, and how well she leads on a journey of growth and change through each other. Mary Tudor character is granted the same courtesy, and the story gains a great deal of quality from it.
Tags: fandom: the tudors, ship: anne boleyn/henry viii

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