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The Tribunal by kerimack, M

Fandom Category: Cruel Intentions
Pairing: Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont
Fic Title: The Tribunal
Author: kerimack
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, sexual situations
Genre: AU, Romance, drama

Why This Must Be Read: the plot is brilliantly original and the OCs introduced to enrich the story are solid and well-characterized. It's an AU where Kathryn and Sebastian's parents never married and our two favorite schemers meet in wholly different circumstances. Borrowing the idea of The Tribunal from Cruel Intentions 2, kerimack creates a more coherent (and intriguing) version of events where Kathryn commands her little elite, controlling whole the school until the new student Sebastian comes along and challenges her power.

The ensuing clash of wills is long and harsh, expressed through a series of highly enjoyable and machiavellian plots at each other expense. Especially when the mutual lust and admiration changes into something more powerful, and Sebastian is in the very difficult position of convince Kathryn that they can be vulnerable to each other and still stay strong.
Tags: fandom: cruel intentions, ship: katheryn merteuil/sebastian valmon

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