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Share Paradise by Pavlov's Daughter, pg

Fandom Category: Phantom Of The Opera
Pairing: Christine Daae/Erik the phantom
Fic Title: Share Paradise
Author: Pavlov's Daughter
Rating/Warning(s): pg
Genre: Romance, aganst
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Elengantly written story that has its foundation on this awesome concept:

'Her relationship with Raoul is her romantic awakening as a teenager. But her pull towards the Phantom is a sexual, soulful union.' Joel Schumacher.

This story fits with the 2004 movie canon, interweaving in bits of Leroux and Susan Kay canon concerning Erik's past.
Here, Christine runs away from her privileged life as Raoul's wife after giving birth to a stillborn child, only to run back toward her past... to the Opera Populaire where everything changed. There she finds her Phantom is still alive and they must to confront their past to move on toward their future... together. The plot is solid and while the story is not exactly Raoul-friendly, the tender way Erik and Christine reconnect with each other and must almost repeat their history before being finally free of it, make this story a precious reading for any Phan. ;)
Tags: fandom: phantom of the opera, ship: christine daae/erik the "phantom"

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