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North Sea by Punctuator (M)

Fandom Category: 28 Days Later
Pairing: Selena/Jim
Fic Title: North Sea
Author: Punctuator on
Rating/Warning(s): R, graphic violence, language, sexual situations, zombies
Genre: Action/adventure, romance, drama, angst, mystery
WIP?: No, chaptered.
Special rec: 30/31
Author’s Summary: Sequel to 28DL, starting right where the original ends. Jim, Selena, and Hannah take a helicopter ride straight into a vortex of intrigue, fear, pursuit, and revenge, from West Yorkshire to the end of the world. Climb aboard!

Why This Must Be Read: Why this fic doesn’t have a million reviews is one of life’s great mysteries. It is brilliant! Extremely well-plotted, well-written, and the voices are perfect. There is action galore and you can see everything so perfectly as you read it. Selena is a BAMF in the absolute best of ways as is Hannah. Once you start this fic you won’t be able to let it go.
Tags: fandom: 28 days later, ship: selena/jim, special reccer: seren_ccd

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