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The Martinelli Affair by linda-seton (PG)

Fandom Category: Smallville
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Lex Luthor (ish)
Fic Title: The Martinelli Affair
Author: linda-seton on
Rating/Warning(s): PG, mentions of past drug use
Genre: Gen, drama, mild angst, UST
WIP?: No, one-shot
Special rec: 26/31
Author’s Summary: Chloe and Lex and the challenge that is head trauma in Smallville. Almost gen, but with that lovely tension that I thought might actually go somewhere with these two on the show. Early Smallville.

Why This Must Be Read: I love early season Smallville and I truly believed that the chemistry between Chloe and Lex would actually lead to something someday. This fic is a great example of said ‘something’. It takes that ‘verbal judo’ of theirs and shows both their vulnerabilities and potential friendship. It simply sizzles with intelligent UST.
Tags: fandom: smallville, ship: chloe sullivan/lex luthor, special reccer: seren_ccd

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