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Femme Fatale by Kerimack, M

Fandom Category: Cruel Intentions
Pairing: Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont
Fic Title: Femme Fatale
Author: kerimack
Rating/Warning(s): M, sexual situations
Genre: aganst/romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: This story begins where the movie left us off, except few years went by since Kathryn was exiled by Manhattan after her step-brother's tragic death. The memory of Sebastian, and the ambiguity-prone, darkly mesmerizing relationship they once shared secretly haunts her still, and yet the one thing on Kathryn mind is using her new found fortune and success to bring down every single person who ever humiliated her. The one thing she never took in account is the possibility of Sebastian coming back into her life and their dance of betrayls and desire beginning once more.
I love how this author manages to get a good handle on both main characters ' machiavellian deviousness and still keeping them human, vulnerable to nothing but each other. Great noir plot, great lovestory, great characterization.
Tags: fandom: cruel intentions, ship: katheryn merteuil/sebastian valmon

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