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Last of the Mohicans - Into the Forest by SoloWraith

Fandom Category: Last of the Mohicans
Pairing: Alice/Uncas, Cora/Nathanial
Fic Title: Into the Forest
Author: SoloWraith
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Adventure/Romance, Alternate Ending
WIP?: The original fic and it's sequel, Beyond The River, are completed. A third installment, Through The Rain, within the 'verse is underway.

Why This Must Be Read: For Challenge 59. It's stories like this that almost make up for the fact that the fandom for this movie is so unfortunately small. The author takes the movie from nearly the beginning and retells key scenes from the perspective of two very different sets of siblings, and the reader really gets to see all of them change and grow over the course of the three stories. The author's Alice is different from the quiet, differing young girl show cased in the movie- here, the canon Alice that chooses her own ending at the close of the movie is present from the very get go, and her voice and perspection of events is exceptionally clear. By Beyond The River, the narrative moves on from where the movie would have left off; Alice/Uncas and Nathanial/Cora are well defined and difficulties both pairings (and especially the first) aren't shied away from at all within these stories in a realistic manner. Love may well be patient as well as kind, but that doesn't make it any easier for these characters.

Her doubt was heart-wrenching, because he knew, as sure as he was of his own desire to keep her at his side, if he thought that she wanted to return with her sister to the city, he would take her. It was impossible to bind a person to one with one's own feelings alone. Day cannot dwell with night. His father's words returned, unbidden, to his mind. Perhaps he was a fool to be even considering this. Not that he doubted his own ability to look after her, or even to do all the extra work that a untaught woman would mean; but what if she changed her mind?

He suddenly wondered what a child of theirs would look like. Maybe it would have her grey eyes. His dark hair. Uncas realized that such a child would not be fully accepted either into his society or hers-as he knew Nathaniel, despite all appearances to the contrary, had never been fully accepted by some-and the thought made him feel sick.

Tags: fandom: last of the mohicans, ship: alice munro/uncas, ship: cora munro/nathaniel (hawkeye) poe

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