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West Wing - White House or Bust by Puck and Zillah

Fandom Category: The West Wing
Pairing: Josh/Donna, Ainsely Hayes/Sam Seaborn, CJ/Toby, OFC/OFC
Fic Title: White House or Bust
Author: Puck and Zillah
Rating/Warning(s): Pg - NC17, swearing somewhat graphic descriptions of sex (it's pretty light, as far as NC17 goes). Also lesbianism and politics. 
Genre: Romance, comedy, drama...just like the real west Wing.
WIP?: Not really. It's a series and it says 'coming soon' but that was like 8 years ago. 

Summary: Jed Bartlet didn't run for President in 1998, so the gang never got together. In this, they find their way together for Bartlet's campaign in 2002 from various different life places. as we go along the campaign, couples get together, break up, make up, and educate the cutest little girl ever.  

Why This Must Be Read: Puck and Zillah are the one two punch that every West wing fic should aspire to. They've got the dialogue style so perfect and they're not afraid to complicate things or to simplify them whenever need be. They write extremely well together. This is a hilarious, touching, and totally charming ride that wills weep you away. 
Tags: fandom: west wing, ship: abbey bartlet/jed bartlet, ship: ainsley hayes/sam seaborn, ship: cj cregg/toby ziegler, ship: donna moss/josh lyman, ship: original character
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