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It's a Long Journey Home by notesofwimsey (M)

Fandom Category: CSI: NY
Pairing: Lindsay Monroe/Danny Messer, Stella Bonasera/Don Flack
Fic Title: It’s a Long Journey Home
Author: notesofwimsey, Author at
Rating/Warning(s): M, graphic violence, sex, language, EPIC
Genre: Romance, drama, angst, action/adventure, mystery
WIP?: No and there is a sequel.
Special rec: 15/31
Author’s Summary: Set after Silent Night ep 3:12. Lindsay's case in Montana is heating up, but the New York team is providing backup: very personal backup.

Why This Must Be Read: This takes place early in season three before we knew Lindsay’s deep dark secret. This is a far better and highly intriguing alternative. Lindsay is strong and capable, except when it comes to Danny who just manages to tear down all her walls. But, they are so good together. It is well-written, well-plotted and everyone is pitch-perfect. There is a fair amount of angst on both Lindsay and Danny’s part, along with a lot of whumpage on both of them. Things get worse before they get better. But, I truly love the characterizations here and wish we had gotten more of this on the show.
Tags: fandom: csi: ny, ship: lindsay monroe/danny messer, ship: stella bonasera/don flack, special reccer: seren_ccd

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