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Liberal Arts - West Wing fanfic, Sam/Ainsley

Fandom Category: The West Wing
Pairing: Ainsely Hayes/Sam Seaborn
Fic Title: Liberal Arts
Author: Jori and Mojo
Rating/Warning(s): NC17 - graphic descriptions of sex and male genitalia.
Genre: romance, comedy
WIP?: nope.

Summary: Sam sees an artist from the National Endowment for the Arts campaign and agrees to encourage that she be financed - without looking at her artwork. The idiot must then go to her art exhibit of pieces made solely of penises. He makes Ainsley come with him.

Why This Must Be Read: It's absolutely hilarious, and if you can't see Sam making this exact mistake then I have no idea what West Wing you watched. Not only will you die of laughter, it's pretty sexy. And you know you're just damn curious as to how going to a creepy art show leads to Ainsley and Sam hooking up.
Tags: fandom: west wing, ship: ainsley hayes/sam seaborn

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