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Dirty Pretty Things by FallAway (nc-17)

Fandom Category:  Gossip Girl
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey
Fic Title: Dirty Pretty Things
Author: FallAway
Link: @ fanfiction.net
Rating/Warning(s): nc-17, sexual content, language
Genre: drama, romance, hurt/comfort
WIP?: No, big one-shot

Why This Must Be Read: The story picks up after graduation.  During this time, Blair and Chuck are going through the motions of a sick and very unhealthy relationship.  Blair knows this already but can't let go; she half-despises him, half-loves him.  And just when she can't take it anymore, when Chuck Bass is grating on her last nerve, making her feel used and nearly pitiful, Dan Humphrey manages to rescue our favorite Queen.  The two decide on being "allies", due to Dan's suggestion.  From there, Blair still goes through self-loathing routines with Chuck until she's at her breaking point and turns to her new "ally", knocking on his door with bleeding feet from a long walk and mascara running down her cheeks.  It's a story that shows development in character and in relationships, because it takes time for Blair to grow, as well as Dan himself.  This story was the first Dair fic I had ever come across and I am delighted it was; it's given me a pretty good impression of the pairing. 
Tags: fandom: gossip girl, ship: blair waldorf/dan humphrey

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