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Offering by KC2 (T)

Fandom Category: The 10th Kingdom
Pairing: Virginia/Wolf
Fic Title: Offering
Author: KC2, Author at
Rating/Warning(s): T, slight blood-play
Genre: Romance, adventure
WIP?: No, one-shot
Special rec: 7/31
Author’s Summary: Wolf, Virginia, rope and a decision in the barn at Little Lamb Village. Also, the real reason Virginia wore a ribbon around her neck for the Beautiful Sheperdess Contest.

Why This Must Be Read: This fic fills in the oh-so-missing scene in the mini-series when Wolf gets tied up in the barn by Virginia. It has a spot-on Wolf voice and Virginia’s inner monologue is revealing and simply lovely. Then it just gets hot and very sexy.

(And may I just apologize and thank our lovely mods for all the new tags they're having to make these days. Thank you! :D)
Tags: fandom: the 10th kingdom, ship: virginia lewis/wolf, special reccer: seren_ccd

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