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A Judge of Their Characters by Lucrezia (M)

Fandom Category: Pride and Prejudice
Pairing: Elizabeth Bennett/Fitzwilliam Darcy
Fic Title: A Judge of Their Characters
Author: Lucrezia, Author’s site
Rating/Warning(s): R, M, canon character death, violence
Genre: Romance, mystery, adventure
WIP?: No, but there is a sequel.
Special rec: 5/31
Author’s Summary: August 1813. Fitzwilliam Darcy makes the acquaintance of Elizabeth Bennet, as she arrives in Derbyshire in a desperate search for her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. She is trying to avert a family tragedy which, he soon learns, is linked to his own family's past in more ways than one. The risks, however, are far greater than either Darcy or Elizabeth might imagine.

Why This Must Be Read: This is an AU in the Pride and Prejudice universe. It takes our beloved characters and puts them into a murder-mystery. Lizzy is strong and capable, Darcy is still proud, but not as unapproachable as in the canon. Colonel Fitzwilliam makes an appearance and is delightful. It is extremely well-written and has a riveting murder mystery attached to it. I will warn you, Jane and Mr. Bennet are given rather different roles and are not as sympathetic as they are usually portrayed. There’s a sequel, too!
Tags: fandom: pride and prejudice, ship: elizabeth bennet/fitzwilliam darcy, special reccer: seren_ccd

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