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Character Manifesto: Laurence Dominic

Fandom: Dollhouse
Character: Laurence Dominic
Pairings Included in Manifesto: DeWitt/Dominic

It’s difficult for me to put to words on why I love Laurence Dominic. The character wasn’t initially likeable— he was arrogant, always angry, and kind of a jackass. But there was something quite endearing about him and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

At first, I thought it was because I’ve fallen in love with Adelle DeWitt and if she thought he’s okay, then he’s okay with me. The fact that he’s perfectly well-dressed every episode, plus the observation that he seems to be totally in sync with DeWitt might have also contributed to said attraction. But midway through the first season, I realized something profound: for a very stoic man, Laurence Dominic makes the most delightful faces.

And it’s not just that. He takes his job seriously. He’s scary efficient. He has no problems going all action man-y if the situation calls for it. He’s astute. He likes dressing up in nice suits. He’s snarky. He can make Topher shut up. He’s smart. He can bring himself to make the hard decisions. The list goes on. Dominic being an NSA mole doesn’t detract from his (more or less) stellar performance as the LA Dollhouse’s Head of Security.

Like most characters in the show, Dominic was shown to be a morally ambiguous character. Being a Dollhouse employee and a government agent at the same time can do that to you. But later on, we were showed that Laurence Dominic is actually the hero we desperately wanted Paul Ballard to be. Dominic managed to free himself of his nightmare in the Attic; he chased a dark figure in the system to stop it from killing people; he stayed behind to help the others trapped in the Attic and then he unhooked himself (with a chance of dying for real) to warn everybody of Rossum being onto them. What a BAMF.

Yay, torture!

I tend to ship Dominic with one character and that would be Adelle DeWitt. They complement each other—they’re both well-dressed, snarky, with the ability to communicate without the need for words, and they’ve perfected their corresponding disapproving/mocking/threatening poses and facial expressions. Also, they powerwalk so awesomely, eyesex a great deal, have the most delicious UST, and delight in torturing people! The revelation that Dominic was a spy added a dash of angst in the relationship and a hella lot more subtext. (It’s always subtext with these two).

And on to the recs! (Please forgive the way the reasons were constructed. I know that akdjflasdjalksdjfkladjsla isn't a concrete reason, but this is a slightly poor attempt at being coherent. Also, I was listening to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack on loop when I was doing this, so... yeah)

Fic Rec #1 - Best Poem: Unabridged
Author: morganize
Rating/Warning(s): PG
my treachery will gnaw her heart
and keep her from her sleep

Why This Must Be Read: Because it's an excellently written poem. I got 'The Odyssey' vibes while reading it, which may not be the same for everyone, but it's a poem, you guys. A poem!

Fic Rec #2 - Best Drama: This is a gift, it comes with a price
Author: dollsome
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Link: A quiet moment, and an unanticipated conversation.

Why This Must Be Read A beautiful piece of character introspection. It's very breathtaking.

Fic Rec #3 - Best Action/Adventure Story: Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound
Author: irony_rocks
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Link: They took your body. You’ll take their house.

Why This Must Be Read Dominic escapes the Dollhouse in a body that isn't his and tries to bring down the Dollhouse. Havoc, wreaked.

Fic Rec #4 - Best Alternate Reality/Universe Story: Three Alternate Universe Tales I Will Not Be Writing (Except For How Obviously I Did, At Least A Little)
Author: demonqueen666
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Link: Job Security // Intra-House Relations // Whiskers

Why This Must Be Read BEST. EVER. SERIOUSLY. I feel like saying what kind of AUs DQ wrote would spoil the surprise, so I'm not going to say anything. Read it and be amazed!

Fic Rec #5 - Best Long Story: Road Trip
Author: rogoblue and morgan72uk
Rating/Warning(s): R (language and sexual situations)
Link: Adelle DeWitt is holed up in the Dollhouse until an old acquaintance arrives to destroy an already shattering illusion of normalcy.

Why This Must Be Read It's a 12-parter fic where we see the healing of Adelle and Dominic's relationship on their (rather long) journey to bring Topher to Safe Haven. rogoblue nails Dominic's voice very well, and morgan72uk's Adelle is pretty much flawless. link for the other parts

Fic Rec #6 - Best Short Story: In the Time That We Have
Author: dollsome
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Link: Dominic pays a visit to Safe Haven.

Why This Must Be Read Dominic and Adelle have a quiet conversation, slightly drunk on bourbon. Also, Adelle saying 'dude'

Fic Rec #7 - Best Fluff Story Of Sea Creatures and Underwater Rescues (Or The First Of Five Times Adelle DeWitt Saved Laurence Dominic From An Unfortunate, Embarrassing, or Fatal Situation)
Author: sunney
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Link: "Mr. Dominic, are you praying?"

Why This Must Be Read Dominic is saved by a slightly drunk Adelle from the advances of a female Rossum Executive (who isn't her) by draping herself around him. Deliciously awkward and UST-laden.

Fic Rec #8 - Best Hurt/Comfort Story Burns Like Frostbite
Author: irony_rocks
Rating/Warning(s): Light NC-17 or hard R, for sex, violence, language
Link: I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me. Years, and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. Epic

Why This Must Be Read I don't know if this fic falls under the category, but after reading this, I felt oddly comforted. Maybe I felt all the dread that was somehow hanging all over the characters, but IR proves to be the masterful writer that she is and the tone subtly changes just right there in the end. Epic

Fic Rec #9 - Best PWP/Kink Story: You Can Be Henry Miller & I’ll Be Anaïs Nin
Author: ladyvivien
Rating/Warning(s): R (sex and swearing)
Link: After the events of ‘Briar Rose’, Dominic finds himself back in Victor’s body.

Why This Must Be Read This is probably one of the hottest things I've ever read. It's also a bit heartbreaking, especially the end.

Fic Rec #10 - Best Angst: Till the End of Time Begins
Author: blackmamba_esq
Rating/Warning(s): R
Link: This woman is what he clings to.

Why This Must Be Read: Short, but very vividly written. Just... I really have no words for this. <3

Fic Rec #11 - Best Humour: Elevator Music
Author: sevendayloan
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Link: Still, he can't help it, there's something about the elevator that makes him ... nervous.

Why This Must Be Read: It's a funny fic set in DeWitt's ever-ubiquitous elevator. Seriously, for a pairing that lives on elevators, we have a dearth of fics set in elevators, much less a funny one. This is a rarity.

Fic Rec #12 - Best Overall: Every Exit an Entrance Somewhere Else
Author: demonqueen666
Rating/Warning(s): light R for language, sex, implied violence, requisite Thoughtpocalypse-era bleakness
Link: Laurence Dominic is alive.

Why This Must Be Read: IMO, DQ writes Dominic the best; no one compares. Excellent story, believable, EPIC. This fic is what I believe Dom did during the thoughtpocalypse.

The End

Tags: fandom: dollhouse, ship: adelle dewitt/laurence dominic, special: manifesto

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