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Persistence Of Memory by cardinalgirl

For Challenge 56, Shows that were cancelled too soon (3 seasons or less)

Fandom Category: ROSWELL
Pairing: Liz Parker/Max Evans, Ava/Kyle Valenti, Isabel Evans/Alex Withman, Maria Deluca/Michael Guerin
Fic Title: Persistence Of Memory
Author: cardinalgirl
Rating/Warning(s): pg
Genre: future fic, romance, humour
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Future Fic, post Graduation. After a lot of endless wandering across the states, Kyle, Isobel, Maria, Michael, Max, Liz and their son Alex jr finally set a three-year limit on living in any one place, and this next move manages to quiet down some of the worries and answer some of the questions that they just haven’t been able to get out of their heads, even since leaving Roswell. Everything in put in discussion again when the gang meet Ava and her adoptive son, who turns to be none other than Max and Tess lost child, who recognized Ava as his mother after losing his original adoptive family. Max and Liz embrace Ava and her boy right away, but it’s not so easy for Kyle, Isabel or Maria, who can help blaming Ava for Tess past crimes. Yet in the end something tender blossoms between Ava and Kyle regardless and that’s a chance to healing for both of them. As for Isabel... she is in for a surprise when it turns out that the Royal Four lives on Hearth are the subject of a very popular reality show on Antar ... and this how her first love Alex Withman is been saved from death’s embrace to be returned to hers. You can imagine the teary reunion that occurs when Alex is introduced newly to his old friends...
I can say, if Roswell had had a post season 3 movie epilogue, this is how the movie plotline would have played out.
Tags: fandom: roswell, ship: ava/kyle valenti, ship: elizabeth parker/max evans, ship: isabel evans/alex whitman, ship: maria deluca/michael guerin

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