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And The Fires Are Burning by anr

For Challenge 56, Shows that were cancelled too soon (3 seasons or less)

Fandom Category: Jericho
Pairing: Mimi Clark/Stanley Richmond
Fic Title: And The Fires Are Burning
Author: anr
Rating/Warning(s): pg
Genre: episode-related
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Post s1 finale. This is so beautiful written and the author captures Mimi's voice and her intensity and fear about what is going to happen. A wonderful piece.


She starts a little at the tired greeting and opens her eyes to find him crouched in front of her, a smile struggling to appear on his face. When she looks behind him, the hallway is empty, the men he'd been talking to already gone. The traces of sunlight she can see through the broken and semi-boarded windows look weak and faded, dusk setting in; she wonders how long she's been dozing for.

"Mimi?" he asks, when she doesn't say anything. He reaches out to touch her knee. "You okay?"

"These are for you." The words are out of her mouth before she realises it, her hands already pushing the clothes resting on her lap towards him. "Gail gave them to me."

The almost-smile vanishes.
Tags: fandom: jericho, ship: mimi clark/stanley richmond

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