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A Profiler Rec

I was going to rec this for challenge 56 but then i saw the 3 seasons or less part, Profiler made it to 4 before being canceled. Though only seasons 1-3 had the awesome Jack/Samantha plot.

Fandom Category:

Pairing: Samantha Waters/Jack of All Trades
Fic Title: The Glass Divide
Author: Jacqui Kelty
Rating/Warning(s): NC17/violent and sexual references
Genre: drama, psychological thriller?
WIP?: No. There is word of this being the first of a series of three but i haven't been able to find the other two.

Why This Must Be Read: In this fic Jacqui gives me almost everything i could hope for from a Scewed fic (to ship Jack/Sam is to be a skewed believer). (S)he proposes a believable hypothesis for how Jack meets and subsequently becomes obsessed with Samantha, (s)he provides back story, an exceptional look into the minds of both Jack and Samantha and explores how finally facing the Jack of All trades might effect Samantha psychologically. But best of all, in my humble opinion, Jacqui writes absolutely awesome interaction between Jack and Samantha. It's something many Skewed writers have attempted, but only a handfull have done successfully. I wish there was more like it.
Tags: fandom: profiler, ship: samantha waters/jack of all trades

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