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"Beyoncé the Vampire Slayer" by impertinence (explicit)

Fandom Category: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Beyonc
é Knowles/Jay-Z
Fic Title: Beyonc
é the Vampire Slayer
Rating/Warning(s): A couple of explicit sex scenes, but definitely not PWP.  Also some violence, given that vampire/demon slayage is involved.
Genre: Romance, action, RPF/AU
WIP?: No
Author's summary:
Beyoncé and her Watcher Kanye go to Jay-Z's mansion to retrieve Rihanna, who's just been called as a Slayer. It ends up being slightly more complicated than anticipated.

Now, I know next to nothing about rap/hip-hop/R&B.  I know next to nothing about these four artists in particular, although I'm aware of their respective hit songs and Kanye West's Twitter feed.  And I definitely don't read RPF fic.  It squicks me.  But this one is 100% worth making an exception for.  

The premise:
Beyoncé is a Slayer.  Kanye West is her Watcher.  Newly-called Rihanna is mogul Jay-Z's ward.  Hijinks ensue.

Worth reading just for Watcher!Kanye, but Slayer!Beyoncé is also a pretty great creation, a totally competent badass who knows herself and her responsibilities.  The romance between her and Jay-Z is slowly and carefully spun out, and while this fic is certainly het, there's also a perfectly good demon-to-defeat plot that could stand alone without the romance--or in a more traditional Buffyverse fic, even.  There's also a cameo by Buffy Summers herself and some awesomecakes
fanart to boot.
Tags: fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, fandom: rpf, ship: beyoncé knowles/jay-z

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