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A lost connection by southern cross

Fandom Category: Kyle XY (challenge 56, TV shows canceled too soon)
Pairing: Kyle XY/Jessi XX

Fic Title: A Lost Connection


Link: </font>

Rating/Warning(s): Mature

Genre: Romance/Drama

 WIP?: Yes, unfortunately – but don’t let this discourages you, you would miss out.

Why This Must Be Read: Anything  Kessi-related by southern cross is pure poetry, but this story picks off where last season left us, to continue the various’ characters journey after a few years… following the intentions Julie Plec had set for the series’ future during a post-finale interview. Besides, it’s Jessi and Kyle trying to rebuild their unique connection after a long separation, when they both adult and jaded but determined as ever. What there’s to not love?


Tags: fandom: kyle xy, ship: jessi xx/kyle xy

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