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Sonata: Behind Closed Doors by Donnamour1969

Fandom Category: "Moonlight" (challenge 56, TV shows canceled too soon)
Pairing: Mick St. John/Beth Turner (primary, but lots of Josef Kostan/Simone Walker also at times)
Fic Title: Sonata: Behind Closed Doors (picks up at the very moment the series leaves off)
Author: donnamour1969
Rating/Warning(s): NC17 (vampire/human sex), spoilers for everything in the one and only season of "Moonlight".
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor
WIP?: No (The first of 14 stories in a series, but each story is complete in itself.)

Why This Must Be Read: This was the best post-Sonata (the last episode of the series) continuation of the relationship between vampire detective Mick St. John and human investigator Beth Turner that I was able to find in 2009, and each succeeding story in the series has improved upon the last. If you don't mind stories written in alternating first-person POV's (mainly Mick and Beth to start with, but snarky vampire millionaire Josef Kostan and his take-no-crap 'freshie'/lawyer/love-interest Simone get to have their say, too) and you really want to know what happened after the final scene in the series, not only with Beth and Mick but with that list of vampires in L.A. that was sent to the assistant D.A. and Coraline's powerful vampire family, etc., then this is the place to start.

With another thirteen complete stories in the series (many of them consisting of 10 chapters or more), it's like getting a full second and third season of "Moonlight" (well, what the uncensored, made-for-premium-cable version of "Moonlight"'s second and third seasons might have been, at least).
Tags: fandom: moonlight, ship: beth turner/mick st. john, ship: simone walker/josef kostan

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