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Journey to Make, Horizon to Chase, by harborshore

Fandom Category: Narnia
Pairing: Susan Pevensie/Prince Caspian
Fic Title: Journey to Make, Horizon to Chase
Author: harborshore
Rating/Warning(s): general audience
Genre: post-movie
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Think Susan's ending isn't just? Read this fic. Lovely characterization and a great setting as Susan grows up, but doesn't abandon that which came from her childhood.

Susan didn't cry while she packed, though it was a near thing. Her engagement ring safely returned to Jack and her parents' puzzled faces fresh in her mind, she folded clothes and carefully chose only the most essential books to bring. She'd shut everyone outside; she couldn't bear Lucy's sympathy or Edmund's smugness. They'd none of them liked Jack, and while sympathy was more welcome than recriminations, Susan wasn't going to answer another question about Jack when the answers would sound so insane. "No, there isn't anyone else except I sometimes dream about him, even though he doesn't exist. No, there isn't anyone else, but I've lost something and I'm afraid if I marry Jack I'll never find it again."

Her answer of choice at the moment was, "No, there isn't anyone else, but Blackstock College gave me this bursary and I feel I ought to pursue this."

Jack had said he didn't want a wife who was cleverer than him (well, that was Susan's interpretation; what he had actually said was "Don't put on airs," and that was that, as far as Susan was concerned). She knew her siblings were pleased when she ended it, but she couldn't quite enjoy that either. It felt wrong, all of it.
Tags: fandom: narnia, ship: susan pevensie/caspian the tenth

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