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Original Sin: the dark knight fic rec

Fandom: the dark knight/batman begins Nolan-verse

 Pairing: Selina Kyle/The Joker , Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle/The Joker
Fic Title:  Original Sin

Author: littlebatgirl

Rating: T
Genre: MULTICHAPTER, romance,aganst

Why this must be read: Unique and incredibly captivating dark story where Selina, the future cat woman, and Jack, the future Joker, grow up together in a Gotham orphanage. Did you love Wuthering Heights? If you did, it’s safe bet you will love this fic as well, because the parallelism is impressive. Catherine and Heathcliff stormy, soul-deep bond, at once destructive and deeply healing, mirrors perfectly the relationship between Jack and Selina, two messed up kids who breathe each other in to survive in a world where it’s kill or be killed. At least until a traumatic event rips them apart for years, forcing each of them separately on a downward spiral that will reunite them once more after everything transpiring in ‘The Dark Knight’. Their connection is still there, alive as ever, but Jack has completely surrendered to the darkness inside him and so Selina find herself caught between a man who offers and represents salvation (Bruce) and another who will watch to burn.

Tags: fandom: batman, ship: selina kyle/the joker

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