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Alternate Destination by Missgoldy

Fandom Category: Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Pairing: Linka/Wheeler
Fic Title: Alternate Destination
Author: Missgoldy
Link: Here.
Rating/Warning(s): T, some swearing and some sexual situations
Genre: Alternate universe, Adventure
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:

Okay, so everyone can laugh at me for loving on Captain Planet and the Planeteers, but there's actually a fairly active fandom. A lot of the writing is very sugary stuff with Wheeler and Linka in it, and I like the fics that actually take the time to develop the characters and give them strong personalities and backgrounds - reasons for why they act the way they do. The characters in Captain Planet allow this in droves because they're so two-dimensional, and this fic is the best example I've found of some really great character development.

Wheeler's character is particularly well done, IMO. He's given several heartbreaking obstacles and the guy that comes out the other side of it is pretty broken. Gi and Ma-Ti, who are highly-ignored when it comes to a lot of the fics around the place, are given wonderfully developed stories and characteristics as well.

The story follows Linka, caught up in a time warp and a supernatural storm, and follows her as she attempts to make her way back to the Planeteers, who are now several years ahead of her. When she meets up with Wheeler they're both different people, and the development of their relationship takes time and process, while not ignoring the canon elements of all their flirting.

Small, laughable fandom, maybe - but there's good fic about. :)

Tags: fandom: captain planet & planeteers, ship: linka/wheeler
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