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If Wishes Were Horses by tobinfic (NC-17)

Fandom Category
: Star Trek 09
: Janice Rand/Jim Kirk, Christine Chapel/Leonard McCot, Number One/Captain Christopher Pike, other briefly mentioned slash and het pairings
Fic Title
: If Wishes Were Horses
: tobinfic
: -- master list of fic
: NC-17, Brief mention of attempted sexual assault; nothing more graphic than the episode The Enemy Within. (taken directly from author's meta info.)
: Romance, Friendship, UST, work dynamics on a space ship.
?: No

Why This Must Be Read
: I started reading this fic not long after I recced my last bunch of Star Trek fic. I lost a whole afternoon to it! What I enjoyed best about this fic is that is very much about Janice, her life, and her growth from a determined but unsure young girl to a young woman who helps runs arguably the most difficult ship in the Federation. I love how the the author draws out Jancie's relationships with everyone around her, particularly Captain Pike as a friend and mentor, with the ladies of the Enterprise and with Kirk himself. (Can I just say, I think these two might be my new favourite couple for this movie?)
Tags: fandom: star trek (reboot), ship: christine chapel/leonard mccoy, ship: janice rand/jim kirk, ship: number one/christopher pike

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