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What You Don't Know (M) by Airplane

Fandom Category: Tangled
Pairing: Rapunzel/Flynn Ryder
Fic Title: What You Don't Know
Author: Airplane
Rating/Warning(s): M (Sexual situations)
Genre: Humor, Romance
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: This fic is hilarious, sweet, honest and completely in-character. It feels like it flows naturally from the movie, as if it's the obvious next step (though, certainly not intended for young audiences). You read it and think, "Oh man. You're right - she'd have absolutely no clue about any of these things." It addresses Rapunzel's innocence and ignorance and how difficult it would be to deal with, as the author puts it, "amorous affection." Despite the premise, it's not simply a smut fic, and is actually very light on the smut. It's more about how she learns, how she experiences, and how they both find their footing on this new ground.

The big man leers at him as he flops onto the bench across the table with a thump. "How's it feel being a kept man, Rider?"

"Better than you're going to feel if you keep asking stupid questions."

Hookhand lets out a bark of laughter, lifts the ale in his hook in salute, and downs half of it. Smacking his lips, he turns to Rapunzel. "What brings you here, girlie?"

Rapunzel grins. "I wanted to ask you about something I don't understand."

"I can try. Not the most eloquent of pretty faces, you know." He leers at Eugene again. Eugene glares back. "What's it that interests you?"


Eugene's head snaps towards her. "What?"

Hookhand beams. "Rider's not doing a good enough job explaining it to ya?"

From the table behind them Big Nose shouts, "I'll help!" and dashes over to their table, each of his footsteps causing the floor to tremble. He shoves Hookhand over and squeezes his way into the booth. Crammed side by side, they look simply too big to be allowed.

"Soooo, girlie. What exactly is it ya need? A demonstration from a real man, maybe?"

This cannot be happening to Eugene. He's starting to feel numb and clammy. He would make a break for it, but sitting in the booth like this Rapunzel has him trapped against the wall. He considers slipping under the table, but his pride won't let him. Damned pride. "Rapunzel, we should talk about this someplace else."

"Shut it, Rider," Big Nose shouts. "The lady asked us." Eugene doesn't comment that she actually only asked Hookhand. He doesn't think that having only one of the thugs around would make much of a difference in terms of how horribly this is going to go.

"Yeah, and you've had your shot," Hookhand adds.

"Seriously, Rapunzel. Someplace else."

"Quiet. Let her talk. Go on, sweetheart."

"Well," she says, wrapping her hands delicately around her mug and looking up at the ceiling in thought. "I'm not really sure how to ask."

"Straight out's always best, I say!"

"Ok. Well, when I was kissing Eugene the other day, I started to feel all tingly."

"Oh hell." This cannot be happening to Eugene.

The thugs are so pleased they look like they might explode. "Tingly, you say! Then what happened?" No. Definitely not happening.

"Then I started to think – and I don't really know why I think it – but there might be something more than kissing. Something better." She grins and blushes at the thought, her shoulders squeezing together, lifting with glee. "Do you know anything about that?"
Tags: fandom: tangled, ship: rapunzel/flynn ryder

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