that darn cat (samescenes) wrote in het_reccers,
that darn cat

"Insomnia" by entangled_now (nc17)

Fandom Category: Leverage
Pairing: Parker/Eliot
Fic Title: Insomnia
Author: entangled_now
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): NC17
Genre: PWP
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 12/20

Why This Must Be Read: Parker and Eliot have sex! My Leverage OTP is unashamedly Hardison/Parker/Eliot, but I am ridic attached to the latter half of the pairing. Also, Parker is so in character, going after what she wants and not paying attention to things like decorum or common decency.
Tags: fandom: leverage, ship: parker/eliot spencer, special reccer: blincolin
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