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The Wall by Theohara

Fandom Category: CSI: Las Vegas
Pairing: Sara Sidle/Gil Grissom with some past Catherine Willows/Gil Grissom
Fic Title: The Wall
Author: theohara 
Link: Part One : Part Two
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 for sexual situations, language, domestic violence
Genre: Character study, drama, angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:This is hands down one of the most amazing character studies of Gil Grissom I have ever read. It begins with a glimpse of his strained relationship with Sara and then tracks back to his childhood, leading us slowly through the major moments in his life, explaining how they all fed into his conflicted relationship with Sara. I ache for the Grissom in this fic, and cheer for his triumphs, and the ultimate conclusion that allows him to finally take that risk and let Sara in. I particularly love the section detailing the first time Grissom meets Sara, and the picture of her through his eyes. It's just breathtaking and so damn right. Enjoy!
Tags: fandom: csi las vegas, ship: sara sidle/gil grissom

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