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We Are So Fragile, by anythingbutgrey

Fandom Category: Felicity
Pairing: Felicity Porter/Noel Crane, mentions past Felicity/Ben Covington
Fic Title: We Are So Fragile – Our Cracking Bones Make Noise
Author: anythingbutgrey
Rating/Warning(s): pg-13, spoilers for the full series
Genre: post-series. Angst/Drama. General Romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Wow. I barely even remember this show anymore, but something made me click on this fic, and my mind was blown. This fic is gorgeous. Wonderful narration, and the end to Felicity/Noel that fits perfectly with canon and the characterizations we saw on screen. If you were at all interested in this pairing, read this fic. You will thank me!

It is years later.

Letters and phone calls have faded to soft, handled photographs. Sometimes he pulls them out on anniversaries and birthdays he cannot forget, and runs his fingers over the paper slips with phone numbers written on them. The pen marks were pressed down and imprinted soft lumps against the sheets, so that he can run his fingers along the backs of business cards and feel numbers backwards, pretend he is time traveling.

One day he gets a voicemail. He loses reception in the subway sometimes, and so misses the call, instead hearing a crackling quiet message as he walks out of the station by his apartment.

"Hey," the message says, "it's Felicity."

Which he knows, of course. He could never forget her voice. And so he learns that Felicity has moved back to New York.

It feels like he went underground one person and came out someone else.
Tags: fandom: felicity, ship: felicity porter/noel crane

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