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    TITLE: Hard to Be a Saint in the City
FANDOM: The Vampire Diaries
PAIRING: Damon Salvatore/Bonnie Bennett
SUMMARY: Bonnie is in this to make certain that Grams didn’t die for nothing. She’s pretty sure that Damon just likes to kill things.
SPOILERS: AU after “Blood Brothers”, but still contains elements through the S1 finale. Deeply AU for the second season
Genre: Series AU, Adventure, Romance
Why This Must Be Read: It develves deep into the basic dynamics of both Bonnie's and Damon's mind. It has also an unique perspective on what exactly Damon looked for in Katherine, and why he could not rest until he found it again. The writing style is incredible, and I must still find another fic that  describes so well and so tastefully the inner workings of a dom/sub relationship. In short, you must read this because you won't ever read something remotely alike to it.

What Lies Beneath
Author:Asher Monroe
Summary:Be careful of what's under the surface. It just might pull you down with it. -Damon/Bonnie- -Series of Interconnecting One Shots-Genre: AU Take on every episode, with the premise that Emily created a bloodbond between Bonnie and Damon during her appeareance in History Repeating.
Rating: Mature
Why This Must Be Read: It's wonderfully in character, irresistibly well-written and a classic among Bonnie/Damon fans. This story interweaves beautifully with TVcanon, describing very truthfully Damon as a man who wants simply everything, and most particularly what he can't have, yet he 's able of genuine, deep passion. Bonnie stands out as a strong woman in the very difficult position of standing by him (or up to him) while dealing with both his psychosis and his stubborn, selfdestructive pursuit of 'other things'. Their relationship here is complex and ever growing, and it only grows stronger through Damon's struggles to escape it and Bonnie's determination to hold on her identity and self-respect.
Tear the World Down by IsisIzabel
Summary:Bonnie and Damon have to put aside their differences to help stop a common enemy. Spoilers through the season 1 finale.
Genre: Series AU, Adventure, Romance
WIP?: Yes
Why This Must Be Read: it's beautifully written and In Character
Elements of an Illfated Romance 
Author: Sweet-Tahira
Summary: A series of one-shots depicting the growing relationship between Damon & Bonnie.
Genre: Series AU, Adventure, Romance
WIP?: Yes
Why This Must Be R ead: It has aganst, fluff, sensuality, humour and surprising plottwists with roadtrips, stakeouts, and all the Bamon teamwork we never get to see onscreen.

Title: Undisclosed
Author: sansbear
Summary: Genre: Series AU, Aganst, Romance
WIP?: Yes
Why This Must Be Read: This story is a journey toward healing and wholeness. Bonnie faces her anger and her darkness after Grams' death just to find out that her path leads straight to Damon, and the mysterious heat that binds them together. The writing is downright lyrical, and brutally honest - this is a romance seen without any rose-tinted glasses.  
Rated: Mature

Tags: fandom: vampire diaries, ship: bonnie bennett/damon salvatore

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