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An Unusual Mission by Adrian Tullberg - PG-13

Fandom Category: Comics
Pairing:Batman / Wonderwoman
Fic Title: An Unusual Mission
Author: Adrian Tullberg
Link: Here on FFN
Rating/Warning(s): Pg-13
Genre: Humor & Romance
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read:
This is an amazing tale, set in the DC universe *handwavy* after No Man's Land in the Batman comics. (If you have no idea what that means, that's ok- you can read about it here, or you can get what you need to know from the context clues, it's not a huge detail)

"The Batman.

Urban Legend to the rest of the world, cold reality for the majority of Gotham's criminal population. Nearly superhuman in his mental strength and physical endurance. He has defeated uncountable foes, personal trials and natural disasters. His ability and will have single-handedly held the most dangerous city on Earth together when the rest of the world wrote it off.

Only now, does he face his greatest challenge." - Author's synopsis.

This is the fic that made me a true believer in the potential of this pairing. The portrayals of the characters here are extremely rich. A challenge with Batman is that he is actually three people: The persona of Bruce Wayne - spoiled playboy, The Batman - grim uncompromising defender of Gotham, and Bruce- the kid who lost his parents. Adrian portrays all three facets of the character in a way which is a joy to read. Diana too is handled well, shown as an idealist who has been thrust into the very best and very worst of the world and who has been able to retain her hope in humanity...if now with a somewhat wry sense of humor and more worldly outlook. Given the nature of Bruce Wayne's dual life, she is left to deal with the public fallout and sensation.

They tease. They spar verbally. They have no idea what they're doing any more than anyone else does. They are completely endearing as they struggle through the myriad of emotional and practical issues they must face as what began as a simple favor becomes far more complex.

And then there are always issues when the girl's mother is an immortal amazon warrior queen who doesn't exactly like the idea of her daughter dating anyone, much less the world's biggest playboy.

There are cameos by a host of other characters who react to theis must unlikely of pairs: Superman, Nightwing, Martian Manhunter and Alfred to name a few. The fic has tons of humor and moments of dawwww, you just need to read it to see them all.

Batman was walking towards Steel's workshop, intent on discussing a new security filter design proposed after Kobra had stolen his body in order to access the Watchtower teleporter system.

He heard the footsteps, knowing immediately who was following him.


"I came to see if you wanted to borrow any of my Barbara Streisland CD's."

Batman didn't even react to this. "You don't own any compact discs."

Wonder Woman rolled her eyes. "Did you have that sense of humour surgically removed, or did it drop off at birth?"

"It disappeared roughly the same time you descended to making jokes about a social minority. Did you put Lantern up to that little remark?"

"I think he put Bruce Wayne living in Gotham, and the world's greatest detective operating in Gotham together. I also think that you're troubled by that than you're letting on."

"Interesting deduction."

"Well, you would have stopped at the 'no CD's' if it wasn't bothering you." When Batman didn't reply, she pressed on. "At least once a year that rumour surfaces, roughly the same time that Cruise and Kidman are about to split up. Why is it disturbing you now?"

Batman looked at Wonder Woman, then scanned the area, surreptitiously triggering a device which generated a sound-cancelling wave - too many people here had enhanced hearing. He gave her an abbreviated version of his current predicament.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes, shaking her head in amusement. "Great Hera ... you're trolling for a date?"

"Unfortunately." Somehow, his voice had lost it's usual grating tone, and sounded ... well, more human. Wonder Woman had to stop at this little fact.

Although her social schedule was ... well, dead, she decided it couldn't hurt to help. Something was always better than nothing. "Aren't there some executives at WayneCorp? Female." She hastily amended.

"Over fifty per cent. However, rumours about Wayne's private life has been distorted there to the point where most of the available women stay as far away from him as possible. Besides - during No-Man's Land, most of them were evacuated in order to continue lobbying Congress. They're still tying up."

"Oh." Suddenly, an idea came to her. "I'll go."

Batman blinked rapidly - an expression of extreme shock. "Excuse me?"

"I'll come along. On a date. With you."

The words had shocked her, but Diana felt that her own momentary disorientation was a small price to see Batman stunned.

However, that shock soon disappeared. "How would Wonder Woman have met Bruce Wayne? In any capacity whatsoever."

"Let's see ... you met me just before No-Man's Land, in order to secure my help in lobbying Washington. You've just re-established contact, and I took pity on you."

Batman was still trying to get over this little fact. "Even so..."

"Bruce, it's either me, or J'onn, at this point." Something must have crossed his face just then. "You did, didn't you?"

Batman sighed. "Yes. Of course, you're right. How shall..."

Wonder Woman touched his arm. "I'll take the teleporter to the Cave at ... eight?"

"Eight pm Eastern Time would be..."

"You're supposed to say 'eight is good'."

"Eight is good." Parroted Batman. He unconsciously rubbed the back of his neck, wondering how the hell he got into this.

"Right ... formal, is it?"

"These affairs usually are."

"Okay..." an embarrassed silence filled the area. "...I'll see you then."

Wonder Woman turned, slightly shocked at the turn of events.



"Thank you."

She gave a slight grin, then walked away.

Batman stood alone, in the middle of the corridor, knowing that he had to do something, but couldn't for the life of him remember what it was.

Green Lantern was heading for the park, intent on getting some good landscapes done, when he noticed Batman standing alone.

Despite his common sense screaming at him to leave the man alone, his sense of goodwill decided to find out what was wrong.

"Er ...Bats?"

Batman's head jolted up. "Yes, Kyle?"

No stinging remark about the informality. He's really bothered by something. "Well ... you were standing there ... are you..."

"I was thinking."

"Ah." An awkward pause. "Was it anything I could help with...?"

"Probably not, Kyle." A breath. "There's a ... dangerous situation tonight that I need to deal with the utmost tact and discretion. If I handle it incorrectly, my actions would jeopardise a long-standing alliance, maybe destroy it permanently."

"Whoa." Muttered Lantern. "I'll ... let you figure it out by yourself, okay? Sounds pretty serious. I mean, you're probably trying to save the world ... and the last time I ever did something like that was when I asked my best friend Susie Connor to the prom."

It was a testament to the awesome willpower of The Batman that he didn't swallow his own tongue right then and there.

"Someone spiked the punch ... think I made a pass at her ... punched me out." Muttered Lantern, oblivious to the Dark Knight's accusatory stare. "I think I should call her, what do you think..."

Batman had taken the first opportunity to make one of his trademark turn-your-back-and-he's-gone exits.

"One of these days ... I'm not going to be so freaked when he does that."
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